HUNTERS Private Client Services caters to Individuals with more sophisticated insurance needs to protect their personal assets.

HUNTERS International Insurance caters to Corporations looking for owner-minded risk counsel and insurance brokerage on a boutique basis - an unparalleled intensity of service.

HUNTERS International Insurance caters to boards of directors who seek independent specialists that concentrate on the insurance for their Directors, Officers & Trustees (DOT’s).


Effective June 1 2016 car insurance in Ontario is changed. You NEED to make conscious choices or you will have reduced coverage. We can help.

Brooke Hunter is very proud to have completed the ICD-Rotman Directors Education Program. "Through this program I will be a better corporate director, professional insurance broker and business leader. My classmates of DEP 61 were high caliber thinkers and the faculty were superb."




News & Events

Nov 2nd - The rejuvenation of insurance – this is why it matters- at Wharton hearing from Erwann Michel-Kerjan - excellent

Oct 28th – Our President was on the committee to execute The Great Jewellery Heist in support of Bridgepoint Hospital.

Oct 26th - Please vote for a project we are supporting to receive $100,000 from the Aviva Community Fund...we're going to replace the barn that burned down a few weeks ago and make a place where kids in the Georgina community can thrive! We are so close we just need more votes to get into the top 5!!!

Oct 21st - Brooke Hunter  is in Vienna with our international broker partner facilitating workshops on insurance advisory & transaction services for asset managers #UNiBAPartners #feetontheground #globalexecution

Sept 29th - Our President was on a panel re commercial insurance distribution models!

Sept 13th - Happy to be a founding @SheEOWorld activator. Thanks @vickis #radicalgenerosity #BMOforWomen #officearttodaysglobe

Aug 4th - Considering crowdfunding? We can help....

July 23rd - Union station 1885...that was

the year the first generation of Hunter insurance brokers, Thomas Hunter, set up shop on King St in Toronto

July 18th - Turns out the impact of statutory secondary market cases on director risk is not the end of the world..

July 5th - Live example of personal liability as a director of a private company for statutory breach

June 24th - Indeed , change lies ahead. @LloydsofLondon remains stable & after 325 years of underwriting risk - not surprisingly it has a contingency plan.

June 21st - 80% HNW families haven't had "the" convo with kids about wealth & only 20% gave them coaching...they need included....especially around cars, risk and reputation

June 17th - Excellent Chubb Insurance Cornerstone Broker conference this week...and an excellent brand refresh!

June 10th - Brooke Hunter is very proud to have completed the ICD-Rotman Directors Education Program. "This is the best (and most intense!) continuing education investment I have made. I will be a better corporate director, professional insurance broker and business leader. My classmates of DEP 61 were high caliber thinkers and the faculty were superb."

June 8th - see Brooke Hunter`s (perhaps opinionated!) quote on insurance broker licensing in Ontario in the May issue of Canadian Insurance Top Broker. Consumers deserve appropriately educated & experienced advisors

June 1st - Happy 50th Anniversary In Canada for our insurer partner, AIG!

May 30th - read this!- we are far more affected by fear of loss than by hope of how we frame the risk matters!

May 20th - looking at ending the practice of building in areas deemed high risk by flood mapping and having a hard discussion about where to build in areas that are close to our boreal forests

May 2nd - Emergency Preparedness Week...a reminder to have a plan!

Apr 28th - Non-Profits - Director Liability Insurance Basics. A Hunters publication.

Apr 14th - for the most security conscious professionals investing in infrastructure/processes. Data breach risk is very real

Apr 4th - Welcome Shauna Weston as an Account Manager in our Private Client Practice.

Mar 10th - We are seeking a strong VIP Personal Lines Account Manager to service a book of High-Net-Worth Clients in our Private Client Practice.

Mar 3rd - We are proud that our Colleague, Jennifer Sterzai was nominated to the Board of the Toronto Insurance Conference today

Feb 24th - When looking at litigation risk management be it product, director related or otherwise - consider insurability of punitive damages. Johnson & Johnson has $62mill of $72mill awarded that is uninsurable punitive damages - 50% of which is payable to the State of Missouri = $31mill

Feb 19th - some excellent advice for families....especially around the cottage

Jan 30th -  Family Business - profits business interruption claim for shareholder comp needs high degree of historical proof


Jan 21st - HUNTERS International Insurance - Private Client Services is pleased to sponsor the 2016 Philpott Ladies Invitational Tennis Tournament this week!


Dec 10th - survey of households with >$5mill investable assets - 39% of those who served as a volunteer boardmember didn't have proper insurance we can help.

Dec 2nd - Progressive thinking from Chubb on how P&C insurance helps millennials manage their wealth. Call me - we can help.

Nov 30th - Proud to have attended today's launch of the Intact Centre for Climate Adaptation. Well done, Intact.

Nov 26th - D&O insurers pay defence freight until limits run out then investors ultimately pay - for no constructive outcome

Nov 25th - protecteth your family through these winter driving commandments!

Nov 23rd - the softest point is the best! "innovative families...have an “Entrepreneurial Legacy”...passed from each generation...a’s achievements & how it survived tough times"

Nov 18th - A good shot at boiling down the choice of sales vs production based business interruption insurance for manufacturers


Oct 8th - From National Assn of Corp Directors booklet on Cybersecurity governance: "One recent study found that four basic security controls were effective in preventing 85 percent of cyber intrusions:
1. Restricting user installation of applications (called “whitelisting”). 2. Ensuring that the operating system is patched with current updates. 3. Ensuring that software applications have current updates. 4. Restricting administrative privileges."  Sounds pretty basic doesn't it? Except when a human fails to execute. Contact us for Cyber Insurance.


Oct 2nd - @rcarrick great article on financial literacy for young adults! Insurance too...Risky driving hits pocketbook, buy tenants policy for liability cover

Oct 1st - Our President Brooke Hunter attended the National Insurance Conference of Canada - among other things gaining insight-how Canadians might be insured for flood balancing risk based pricing & highest risk homes getting reasonable cost

Sept 24th - Constructive IBAC Board meetings & AGM in Quebec City. It has been Brooke Hunter`s privilege to serve!

Sept 14th - #‎OneWalkTO‬ Team HUNTERS walked 25km to conquer cancer on Saturday in memory of our former Chairman Bryce Hunter. Our small team raised $22,350! Thank you for your support!

Aug 27th - Talk to us about how much personal umbrella liability insurance to carry

Aug 25th - Keeping the kids covered when they leave home for school

July 28th - See us at Toronto's Equity Crowdfunding Bootcamp - understanding potential liabilities to help our Clients manage them

July 27th - Our President, Brooke Hunter, committed support to Radical Generosity, a support network for female entrepreneurs.

July 23rd - Even more reason for Cdn firms to consider Cyber Insurance. PIPEDA now incl mandatory breach notification provisions.

July 21st - Get clear, useful ‪#‎waterdamage‬ risk insights. View our new infographic A Cure for Water Damage:

July 1st - ACE buying Chubb...A reassuring message from Chubb CEO John Finnegan.


June 24th - Practical, low effort ways to protect your home while on vacation

June 23rd - Talk to us about R&W insurance to enable your transaction.

June 18th - Look at supply chain risk through cyber risk lens...and you'll find an insurance gap not readily insurable. Talk to us to gain clarity. Start by finding the weak links

June 17th - @RIMSorg very nice piece. Exploring the Risk Committee Advantage

June 4th - How does your city score for flood resilience? We all need to be more engaged on this question.

May 29th - interesting bit about restoring damaged art. talk to us about choosing an insurer that "gets it"…/restoring-damaged-artwork-8232

May 28th - Contact us re condo board liability and special insurance condo owners need.  See proposed ON condo legislation here.

May 18-20th - Jennifer Sterzai is at our UNiBA Partner - International Desk Manager Conference in Barcelona

May 14th - We had useful meetings with Lloyds underwriters in London yesterday. Learn more about Lloyds here:

May 4th - Emergency preparedness week. Got a plan?

May 1st - @CITopBroker Thank you for publishing my letter to the editor

Apr 22nd - Sino-Forest = $5bill market cap...$62mill D&O insurance. $41mill defence costs = $21mill for settlement of $9bill class action. Do you have enough D&O insurance?

Apr 16th - Catch Brooke Hunter speaking "Up Close and Personal" at the CIP Symposium 2015 - Toronto Board of Trade

Apr 1st - Uber x ride-sharing...regulator warning...

Mar 24th - Talk to us to ensure your personal or commercial condo is properly protected

Mar 18th - Chubb's guide to social engineering fraud. Executives & anyone with assets to protect should read this

Mar 5th - Are you responsible for your firm's CAP Plan sponsorship & admin? Call us to understand your fiduciary obligations, legal risks & the insurance available to protect you. p.s. It's NOT D&O insurance!

Feb 25th - For now...Use Uber-X in Ontario at your own risk. Drive as Uber-X in Ontario at your own risk.

Feb 20th - We will offer Homeowners overland water coverage through Aviva as soon as they launch in Ontario. Stay Tuned!

Feb 10th - Shows to go you that adjusting art insurance claims requires expertise and sensitivity

Jan 5th - Heads up, "Social engineering fraud" isn't covered by crime insurance unless you get a special policy endorsement. Talk to us about state-of-the-art coverage.

Jan 2015 - Happy New Year - Here's to things looking up!

Dec 9th - International Political Risk's a quick view

Dec 5th - Private Equity Fund Managers out there - here's an example of potential liability you wouldn't normally think of...excluded by D&O to us about how to address some of the grey

Nov 25th - Good summary of Canadian board diversity policy disclosure rules here

Nov 20th - Bill 15, the Fighting Fraud & Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act - well done MPP's - good for the consumer!

Nov 4th - 3rd and 4th generation Hunter family insurance brokers - terrific individuals and professionals #CU80Years

Oct 30th - 2014 update to the Osler ICD "Directors’ Responsibilities in Canada" is out. Digestable and constructive. @Osler_Law @ICDCanada

Oct 2nd - Talk to us about managing any young drivers in your life. Telematics may also be helpful.

Sept 20th - A tribute to our late Chairman, Bryce Hunter, as published in The Globe and Mail Report on Business

Sept 19th - ...see our newest publication


July 27th - Every level of your government should be making Extreme Weather a top 5 priority - front & centre

July 24th - 401(k)s..."It’s one of the biggest risk positions on CFOs’ plates, because it’s not their ‘day job’ and not high on their totem pole.”

July 15th - "basic security hygiene" is a great expression!

June 6th - nice article on insuring art properly - we're here to help. well done @ellidavis

June 4th - Our biz partner Intact Insurance supports Trails Youth Initiatives! Thank you @intactinsurance !

June 3rd - Our President Brooke Hunter is in Ottawa for IBAC board meetings & today on the Hill advocating consumer interests. Great country we live in where constructive dialogue with politicians is the norm.

May 27th - Tips to protect your home during renovation or construction - nicely practical - courtesy @ChubbInsurance

May 23rd - Get the June issue of The Walrus "Calgary survived the flood because it was prepared. Most of our cities are not" Chris Turner's article is worth it @walrusmagazine

May 16th - "Only a few CEOs realize that the real cost of cybercrime stems from delayed or lost technological innovation"

Apr 14th - Is your home ultra-"wired for sound"? Today's entertainment systems warrant a look through the lens of risk

April 9th - Illuminating conference for Chubb Canada's Cornerstone Brokers in Montreal. HUNTERS is honoured to be a Chubb Cornerstone Broker. Kudos @chubbinsurance

Apr 3rd - So many organizations don't carry enough crime insurance's our tool to help your firm calculate minimum employee crime dishonesty limits

Mar 13th - CFO's should talk to us about how insurance is not just cyber-risk transfer but its process should enhance cyber-risk control

Mar 6th - Today's AGM for The Toronto Insurance Conference is now history. Brooke Hunter is delighted to now serve as President.

Feb 25th - if you collect anything that attracts special valuation, is breakable or is of a size where it could vanish into thin air (like a baseball card) to us about why insurance matters.

Feb 24th - Talk to us about how insurance can help you manage white collar crime risk - even the process of applying can illuminate control weakness

Feb 6th - Good review points for buyers of business insurance in any industry. We're here if you need us to help

Jan 16th - Chubb has created an excellent tip sheet for reducing water damage risk in your home

Jan 13th - Your vehicle's value diminishes after serious repairs...could make for a sticky conversation at lease-end...not covered by need to understand that especially when you are facing a write-off decision...another reason your best insurance is an insurance broker

Dec 30th - Decent outline of coverage for homeowners affected by ice storm

Dec 2013 - Happy Holidays from HUNTERS International Insurance

Dec 4th - The staff party is a minefield these days (always has been!)

Nov 23rd - Minimizing uncertainty— personal director risk management post-Northstar settlement

Nov 20th - Brooke Hunter profiled in Canadian Underwriter Magazine in her capacity as incoming President of the Toronto Insurance Conference

Nov 11th - More than 50% of the stolen pieces in the art loss register were from private residences; protection advice via wsj:

Nov 7th - UNiBA Partners Athens Meeting Celebrates new partners

Nov 4th - Vry decent resource from re managing USA work comp costs

Oct 1st - Ont. condo governance & management is trickier than you think - no consistency of by-laws out there, nor definition of standard unit - can make messy insurance situations - this report suggests some good steps incl. condo management firm licensing and E&O

Sep 18th - Talk to us about storm insurance peace of mind...Toronto Star: Your insurance may not cover storm damage

Aug 30th - See 's interview / thoughts on residential flood insurance in Canada

Aug 28th - Talk to us about Cyber Insurance...less expensive than one would think...and less than mentioned in this article

Aug 26th - We don't know how the Ont gov'ment will execute lower car insurance rates without material cost mgmnt measures - hope it actually translates to lower rates for our Clients!

July 9th -

July 9th -

June 28th - hold onto ur hat, this will eventually wreak havoc on urban real estate prices..."Uninsurable homes in Canada’s future: insurance, climate change expert predicts"

June 3-4 -

May 27th - Talk to us about OSC investigations vis a vis insurer disclosure

May 9th - If you put any property in a trust - make sure your insurance reflects the trust's interest

Apr 16th -

Mar 27th - HUNTERS International Insurance admitted to UNiBA Partners Global Network

Mar 7th - Brooke Hunter elected Vice President of the Toronto Insurance Conference

Mar 5th - We're going to The Corwdfunding Experts Discussion Series @ Rotman

Feb 7th - Private Client - Protect Your Home from Winter's Wrath: Home Maintenance Tips from IBC

Jan 26th -


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