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Update July 2020 – see these two pages for a current insurance market view

Re-boot risks. How is insurance reacting to re-opening? Owners of still vacant properties need to check in with their broker.

The insurance market is difficult right now. Answering the question as to why prices are going up even when you have no claims.

Most of our dedicated team at HUNTERS International Insurance is working remotely so we are here to support you through this season of uncertainty. We are available per usual, by phone and email during regular business hours 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. Unfortunately we cannot make changes to your policy after hours. Our 24-hour Emergency Claims Line remains in action: 1.877.604.3777 When it comes to changes/renewals/quotes, insurance company processing times are significantly longer in light of these unique circumstances. In the meantime, may we extend our personal best wishes for your health and safety as the top priority.

Specifically for our Personal Insurance Clients – Click here for Car insurance costs during and due to the pandemic

If your car usage has changed please use our online PDF form to bring us up to date and we will get your insurer’s best position for your situation executed.

In the meantime, may we extend our personal best wishes for your health and safety as the top priority.

Specifically to to our Business Insurance Clients:

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to escalate, businesses are facing unprecedented operational and financial challenges. In this time of uncertainty, you likely have several questions about your insurance and how you can protect your employees and minimize the impact on your business.  Your dedicated team at HUNTERS International Insurance is here to support you through this crisis. Many of our Clients share the same concerns so we address the most common questions here. It is recommended that you contact your Account Manager directly to assess your specific situation, particularly if you have made changes in your operations following the COVID-19 outbreak. It is important that you discuss these changes and ensure that you have adequate coverage that fulfills any contractual obligations you have and provides the protection you need.  Our entire team is working remotely in order to be there for you. In the meantime, may we extend our personal best wishes for your health and safety as the top priority.

Click here for HUNTERS’ Covid-19 Alert Publication

We can assist with your COVID-19 related questions in over 130 countries through our UNIBA broker partnership. You’ll find all our resources and contact details here.


March 12, 2020 – staying accessible and available for our Clients

For some weeks now, the news has been dominated by the worldwide spread of the novel Coronavirus which causes COVID-19. While none of us know the exact trajectory of this public health event, HUNTERS International Insurance has been preparing and adjusting our operations out of an abundance of caution. We have employed multiple sanitation strategies, including eliminating personal contact such as handshakes, supplying sanitizer and wipes to all firm members and throughout our premises, as well as redoubling office-cleaning efforts.

We have encouraged our people to hold meetings virtually rather than meet in groups whenever possible. We have restrictions in place concerning travel and have measures in place to allow firm members to work remotely. We have successfully completed a test during which essentially all of our firm members logged in simultaneously from home or another remote location; we have had robust policies in place that provide for secure and efficient remote work for some time. All of our staff have the ability to securely work remotely.

Developments related to the spread of the Coronavirus are being updated daily. We want to assure you that we are closely monitoring information with the Ontario Ministry of Health and are making adjustments to cleaning practices and other customer-facing interactions as necessary. For additional information please visit the Government of Canada’s website for the most up-to-date travel advice and advisories related to the coronavirus. Additionally, the Ontario Ministry of Health dedicated COVID-19 webpage has the most up-to-date information.

We welcome any questions at any time. Please feel free to contact your own account manager or our President, Brooke Hunter