Reboot Risks

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July 2020

As we cautiously re-open in Ontario, insurance against lawsuits alleging negligence causing transmission of covid-19 are on everyone’s mind.  Lawyers are chomping at the bit just waiting to bring the next class action lawsuit.  Insurers are adding exclusions to business insurance policies to exclude coverage for liability claims of this nature.  Lloyds mandated such an exclusion on every policy of theirs back in March.  Now for the kicker….every Homeowners policy in Canada has an exclusion of this nature – for liability claims arising from the transmission of any communicable disease.  This arose from the AIDS pandemic years ago.  All businesses must use waivers to protect themselves.  All individuals need to act with caution and reason.

If your business premises is still vacant, you need to check in with your broker to make certain that vacancy limitations contained in every property policy are changed to reflect your situation.


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